Pacific Lumber Co. Shay Steamer - 2 Rail

Pacific Lumber Co. Shay Steamer - 2 Rail
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    The most popular geared engine used in logging operations was the Shay, with over 2700 engines built by Lima Locomotive Works between 1880 and 1945. This steamer, designed by logger Ephraim Shay, features a vertical engine on the right side, an off center boiler to the left and a lineshaft that connects the engine to every axle. This provided extra power, with reduced weight, so the Shay could climb steep grades and follow rough track, two hallmarks of early logging railroading. The K-LINE 1:48 Scale Model of the 60-Ton, 3-Cylinder, 2-Truck Shay brings this distinctive engine to the layouts of every railroader. Don't spend over $1000. This 2 rail version engine is ready to run on dc power. reg$849.95 2005 2pcs
    Pacific Lumber Shay 2 rail: