PRR A5 Steamer

PRR A5 Steamer
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    The A5 Switcher was a little workhorse of the Pennsylvania Railroad. They owned 47 of the 0-4-0 locomotives and most were built in 1916 and 1917 at the Juniata Shops. These were the largest 0-4-0s and the last built for a major railroad. Thirty of these engines were assigned to the Philadelphia area where there is a lot of sharply curved street trackage that only a switcher with a small wheel base of the A5's 7 feet 3 inches could negotiate. Traveling down cobblestone streets, the engines mingled with cars and trucks, and sometimes collided with them. The A5s were equipped with a slope back tender for rear visibility, but this reduced the amount of water they could carry to 5700 gallons.